Multimodal Transport

We at Glottis offer all forms of transportation by road, rail, sea, and air to deliver your shipment in a swift and safe way across the world.

Combine the best of all three

We infuse road, sea, and air transportation modes to deliver optimized Multimodal Transportation solutions that are flexible and cost-effective.


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Multimodal Solutions

Multimodal logistics, also known as multimodal shipping, refers to contractual agreements rather than the mechanism of delivery. We at Glottis have supported multimodal solutions from the outset and have integrated them into our worldwide network, operational systems, and practices.

Efficient Tracking

Reduced Expense

Cost-effective Transit Time

Lower Custom Expenses

Increased Security

Handling and Time Efficiency

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What are the differences between Multimodal and Intermodal Transportation?

In multimodal transport, a single contract controls the entire system. There are multiple contracts active at once in intermodal transport.

Is Multimodal Transport the best choice?

It depends. For instance, a single mode of transport may be more effective given the convenience if the shipment is being sent from port to port. However, multimodal transportation will enable the simultaneous optimization of numerous factors, including time and cost.


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