Ocean Freight

Glottis is a trusted and efficient global maritime freight partner. On a daily basis, we offer a comprehensive range of services to send cargo to every corners of the globe. We provide set departures and near-perfect transit times via ocean freight in order to establish optimised and consistent supply chains.



FCL (Full Container Load) ocean freight is the preferable mode of transportation if the volume of transportation reaches a suitable capacity utilisation. Furthermore, we at Glottis ensure the utilisation of a specialised container thereby providing complete transparency, a high degree of control, and a safe supply chain. In addition, we provide LCL and consolidation services.


The shipper is in charge of cargo packaging and container


Simple cargo pick-up/delivery scheduling


Enhanced cargo security


Uniform local port costs


Ocean Freight: Connecting the Globe

With our extensive experience, we provide you with the finest solutions based on your needs. Track your shipment at the click of a button.


LCL (Less than container load) refers to low-volume maritime freight shipments that do not require full container capacity. In this service, multiple shipments from various clients are bundled to form a “consolidation,” allowing for cost savings. Additionally, LCL ocean freight is an excellent cost-effective option for less time-sensitive airfreight shipments, not only lowering expenses but also decreasing your environmental imprint.


Warehouse management flexibility


Rates for ocean freight shipping is less volatile.


Rates based on cargo volume and weight.


Reduced inland trucking costs


Why choose us for your cargo charter?

For both less-than-container load (LCL) and full container load (FCL) shipments, Glottis can provide a versatile selection of international and domestic ocean freight services. These are backed up by extensive breakbulk, project forwarding, partial and full charter, and ocean freight services.

Global Coverage

International reach with regional assistance.

Cargo Booking in an Instant

In a few simple steps, you may book your container’s transportation.

Extremely Efficient Movement

From origin to destination, your maritime freight will travel smoothly, safely, and securely.

Tracking in Detail

Intelligent container tracking for complete visibility and predictability of your shipment

Assured Quality

Certified and experienced team with an eye for detail.

Shipping Simplified

We take the stress out of shipping and make it a simple hassle-free experience for you.

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What additional services does Glottis provide with sea shipping?

Glottis is much more than a sea freight forwarding company. We provide a wide variety of services globally in almost every mode, including barge, ground, and rail.

Additionally, our specialists in international logistics are prepared to work with you to create a sea shipping system that incorporates purchase order administration, landed pricing, packaging options, and permit management.

How do FCL and LCL differ from one another? Which shipping option is better for me?

Ocean freight shipping provides a safe way to move significant quantities of freight, with options that can handle different cargo quantities. Two of these options are FCL and LCL shipping.

While LCL shipments pack the goods of multiple shippers into a container, FCL shipments pack the goods of single or multiple shippers as part of buyer consolidation into a container.

A company’s choice of shipping is influenced by its operational requirements, inventory requirements, and other factors like cost and commodity type. In contrast to FCL, which is best for bulk and high-volume products, LCL enables you to have a smaller, more flexible product inventory.

What solutions does Glottis offer for customs clearance regarding shipping by sea?

Glottis offers easy clearance for all marine imports and exports, using a system that is focused on the needs of the customer. Remote location filing, 10+2 Importer Security, automated broker interfaces with real-time status updates, bond-secured warehouse locations, interim importation under bond, carnet issuances, validations, and cancellations, risk management, compliance support, and bond-secured warehouse locations are all part of our customs clearance services.


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