3PL & Warehousing

Gain access to cutting-edge warehousing and fulfillment facilities to strengthen your brand’s e-commerce and traditional network execution abilities. Glottis has your distribution and storage needs addressed in the most scalable way possible.

The Best 3PL Warehousing in India

Glottis achieves the quickest delivery by utilising the best third-party logistics (3PL). Our pan-India third-party warehouse network gets your items to your consumers faster. Our affiliations with numerous national, regional, and neighbourhood carriers and transporters provide the quickest delivery in the industry.




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Tracking made simple: Locate your goods at the click of a button

Why choose us for warehousing?

Glottis offers first-rate warehouse and fulfilment services. We go above and beyond the call of duty from the minute your package arrives until it departs. Thanks to our multi-client storage services, you may concentrate on your main business while we handle the flow of your materials and those of other clients in a single location. The costs of space, labour, and equipment are split under this paradigm.

Standardized Operations

Experience flawless picking, shipping, and handling.

No Weight Disparity

Obtain thorough details of all orders where a weight issue has been brought up.

Speedy Onboarding

We favour streamlined digitalized processes over drawn-out integration procedures.

Reach Further

Store your goods in our cutting-edge warehouses located throughout India’s key zones.

Secure and Safe

High-security storage for valuable, volatile or otherwise sensitive goods

Customisable Storage

Specialist storage is needed for different types of products that need to be kept in particular environments.

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What is a third-party logistics provider?

Glottis is a 3PL provider, and we are a specialist company that provides a range of distribution, storage, transport, and fulfillment services to customers. As a 3PL provider, we are a vital part of supply chain management and are used by the vast majority of large businesses around the world.

What primary services are provided in relation to 3PL?

We assist you in the following areas:

  • Acquiring: Placing orders for and obtaining commodities from other supply chains

  • Order completion: receiving customer orders, choosing and packing the items, and coordinating their fulfillment and delivery

  • Provision of short-term storage for commodities at warehouses and other places

  • Consolidation, deconsolidation, administration, and transportation of goods.

What warehousing services does Glottis offer?
  • Public warehousing- based on priority, capacity, and demand

  • Contract warehousing – which is rented out in advance to a certain customer for a specified period of time

  • Specialist storage- for various items, such as those that require certain settings to be maintained, such as chemicals, food, or commodities

  • High-security storage- for pricey, flammable, or other delicate items

  • In-warehouse tracking and positioning – for simple product identification, storage, and retrieval

  • Inventory management and auditing-  to assure the precise reception, monitoring of stock levels, and delivery of items


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